LONG LIVE AIMCEA : The letter for Annual Sub 2015-16 has been uploaded . All Associates are requested to have their sub deducted from the salary of July 2015. : Int & Vig cert have been asked for DPC of JE QS&C to AE QS&C for the year 2015. : AISL of JE CIV and JE E/M as on 01 May 2015 have been uploaded on website. :
Surender Kumar Mann
Surender Kumar Mann
(Convener Gen Secy)
P Rambabu
P Rambabu
Amit Govil
Amit Govil
(General Secretary)

News Update(CHQ)

New News Update: 07-Jul-15 03:38:27
New AISL of JE E/M as on 01 May 2015
New AISL of JE CIVIL as on 01 MAY 2015
New Vig and int certificate asked fo DPC to JE QS&C to AE QS&C for year 2015
New News Update: 01-Jun-15 11:40:23
New Revised/Enhanced CFA powers for prep srutiny & sanction of AEs
New Option letter for GE office from non sensitive appt for AE QS&C
New Promotion cum posting order of AEE QS&C & AE QS&C to EE QS&C
New News Update: 12-May-15 08:22:23
New Annual Subscription letter for year 2015-16
New Volunteers for newly raised CE LEH
New Compassionate postings of AE Civ etc dt 01 MAY 2015
New Postings AE civil dt 23 March 2015
New News Update: 15-Apr-15 08:59:04
New Revised ED rates for sewage disposal
New Agenga points for periodical meeting
New Letter to E-in-C on posting policy and resolutions adopted dt 0 Dec 2014
New DOP&T letter on travel by Air on LTC to NE, Andaman & J&K dt 26 Sept 2014
New DOP&T order on retention of accn for civ offr posted in J&K dt 24 Nov 2014
New Letter to E-in-C for grant of periodical meeting dt 15 Dec 2015
New DOP&T order onInclusion of adhaar no in service book
New DOP&T Order on MACP dated 10 Dec 2014
New DOP&T order on Bio metric attendance
New 2nd & 3rd MACP for AE QS&C dt 09 Dec 2014
New 3rd MACP for AE Civil & AE E/M dated 09 Dec 2014
New Resolutions passed in CEC meet on 08 Nov 2014.
New Cadre Review Proposal dated 08 Nov 2014
New meeting with 7th cpc at hyderabad
New mail to 7th cpc
New SOP for raisimg of new MES Establishment

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