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Surender Kumar Mann
Surender Kumar Mann
(Convener Gen Secy)
Pothumarti Rambabu
Pothumarti Rambabu
Amit Govil
Amit Govil
(General Secretary)

News Update(CHQ)

New Resolutions passed in CEC meet on 08 Nov 2014.
New Cadre Review Proposal dated 08 Nov 2014
New meeting with 7th cpc at hyderabad
New mail to 7th cpc
New SOP for raisimg of new MES Establishment
New News Update: 07-Nov-14 06:19:56
New Posting orders AE CIV & AE EM Dt 05 Nov 2014: 07-Nov-14 05:53:06
New News Update: 05-Nov-14 11:15:47
New The amendment to cadre management policy of officers: 03-Nov-14 10:36:14
New Authority letter for offices in respect on 8 nov 2014.: 03-Nov-14 10:31:34
New News Update: 31-Oct-14 11:15:35
New Int and Vig cert for year 2015-16 for JE EM TO AE EM31-Oct-14 11:12:08
New News Update: 20-Oct-14 08:28:53
New News Update: 18-Oct-14 02:56:25
New letter by CHQ president for meeting on 08 Nov 2014 at ASHRAY: 18-Oct-14 02:54:13
New Offer Letter for ads from companies/vendors: 16-Oct-14 09:54:33
New Diary Circular for the year 2015 16-Oct-14 09:53:19
New News Update: 11-Oct-14 07:52:15
New News Update: 11-Oct-14 07:49:23
New News Update: 11-Oct-14 07:46:36

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